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GPS Speedometer Sensor, Hall-Effect, 16-Pulse

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GPS Speedometer Hall-Effect Sender, 16-Pulse per Revolution

Use this sender in place of an electronic sensor-style speedometer output to a GPS electronic 16000 pulse Hall Effect output.  Eliminates the need to run a cable to the transmission and replacing the mechanical sending unit with an electronic one. 

This GPS unit has been reconfigured (with proper connectors) ready to work with our electronic speedometers.  All you need to do is provide 12v power source to red wire.  Although reconfigued, the unit could also work with custom installations, early model transmission applications, and all 16,000 pulse electronic speedometers. 

  • 16 pulse/rev output, Hall-effect (or 9,943 pulse/km)
  • Working voltage: 10-30VDC.
  • Indicate LED: green – signal is good, red – weak or no signal.
  • GPS signal update rate: 10/second, or 10 HZ.
  • Dimensions: 2” x 1.5” x 0.65”; Mounting holes distance: 1.9”; Cable length:approx 72" , mounting screws are not included.
  • Accuracy: 3M-CEP
  • Correct connectors to work with our Marshall Instrument Gauges (others may work as well)

Easy wiring.

    -Red: +12V. 
    -Black: Ground. White: signal output
    -White: 16000 pulse signal (used for speedometer signal)

Be aware that proper placement is necessary to insure unit will function as intended.  It is recommended that the GPS unit be located in a visible place that can receive satellite signals.  That being said, you can mount it anywhere it picks up a signal.. i.e. like under dash so long as a good (green lamp) signal is obtained. 

Please Note:  We cannot guarantee a GPS unit will work in every environment and results may vary depending on location of unit, location of vehicle and other factors not associated with the device itself. 

Therefore, returns of this item if otherwise functioning properly will incur 25% restocking fee to cover shipping and repackaging and cannot show any signs of being installed.