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Programmable Fuel Level Gauge Interface

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STOP! Don’t speed over $100.00 on the ‘big box’ company’s fuel module... we have a much more affordable solution.

This Marshall Instruments programmable fuel level gauge interface allows you to use mismatched fuel level gauges and senders and also eliminates erratic pointer movement due to fuel slosh. The programmable fuel level gauge interface allows you to program Full, Empty and Half Fuel level points and works with most short sweep fuel gauges & fuel sender combinations.

NOTE: Does not work with digital or stepper motor fuel level gauges.


  • Easy to install - it wires in-line between your gauge and existing sender 
  • Easy to program empty, full and half tank positions. 
  • Allows you to use your stock fuel level sender with any fuel gauge
  • No need to remove the tank to replace an existing sending unit
  • Stabilizes bouncing fuel level gauge needle due to fuel slosh
  • Works with most analog short sweep fuel level gauges and resistance type fuel level senders