Wire Cable (3-Wire) for Elect Speedo - 65 66 Mustang

Wire Cable (3-Wire) for Elect Speedo - 65 66 Mustang

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Brand New 7-1/2 foot 3-wire Cable for Marshall Instruments COMP-II LED Speedometer Hall-Effect Sender   

90 Inches of 18AWG Red, White & Black Shielded Cable for use in our 5 or 6 Gauge Mustang COMP-II LED kits is more than enough cable to replace your mechanical cable when upgrading to an Electronic Speedometer.

Original Mustang Speedometer Cable Lengths:

  • Automatic C4 Transmission/ 3-Speed          62-1/2" from end to end
  • 4-Speed Transmission                                   65-1/2" from end to end

NOTE: this length of cable has not been tested for fitment on other cars... specifically cut to length for 1964-1966 (67-68) Ford Mustangs.  If you are in doubt, measure your current mechanical cable and add 12"... otherwise see the same item that is cut to 10' to be sure.





Conductor Type 

7 Strand Bare Copper Wire


Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Black


Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Black, White Red

Voltage rating 





Aluminum Mylar tape


100% coverage

Length7.5 feet


UL listed as type PLTC & CL3 per UL standard 13


Type ITC per UL standard 2250


RoHS compliant


Wiring: RED = +12V, BLACK = Ground, WHITE = Signal Output 

*NOTE: Cable only (no pigtail)

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